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Afrofunk Launch | Vannie Hout & Vin de Saison

Innovation is at the heart of the Devil’s Peak brand. From the start of the craft beer revolution in South Africa, we have lead the charge in introducing bold, interesting styles in a market saturated with the status quo. From introducing the latest global trends to putting our unique twist on brewing classics, we deliver in spades.

It is in this spirit that we are officially launching the Afrofunk series programme, through which unique, market-leading beers will be launched. Produced in the Afrofunk Sours and Wilds facility, our dedicated, in-house barrel-aging and exploration programme, these beers push the boundaries of what beer can and should be.

“There is so much going on in Afrofunk at the moment! We’ve taken a previous success, Stoned Immaculate, and added two variants of peach extended ageing. One very succulent/juicy orange peach and one very floral white peach variety. We’ve done the same with two plum varieties. One that has a fresh and bright acidity and another that has a really ripe (almost ripe red grape like) taste. All of these will age for another 2-3 months on the whole fruit. On top of this, we have a dark sour that is evolving beautifully. We’ll be racking some of this from the Fouder and placing it into smaller barrels to age on blackberries, blackcurrant, redcurrant and raspberries. Look out for this one soon.” – Devil’s Peak Head Brewer, JC Steyn

We do not produce craft beer to sit inside the confounds of what others expect. Exploration – continually pushing the boundaries of style, brewing technique and tradition – is something we strive for daily. After all, a mind that experiences new things can’t go back to the place it was before. 

Only bottled once absolutely perfected, these releases are the culmination of months and even years of patience and dedication to the art of brewing. Continuing the journey from where Devil’s Peak started, the Afrofunk series gives a definitive answer to the oft asked question, “What is craft beer?” 

Vannie Hout and Vin De Saison – two delightfully complex beers which, though they share the characteristics that accompany barrel-ageing, are both unique and exciting examples of what can be accomplished when pushing beyond the status quo in brewing.

“So historically, Vin de Saison and Vannie Hout were both quite similar when they were released due to the malt bills and yeast used. The only real difference was the slight acidity from the grapes to the Vin de Saison. For this year’s release, I’ve changed things up and added a bit more of a complex malt bill for the Vannie Hout to add complexity and at the same time provide the Brett with a bit more to “chew on” as it ages. You will get a slight malt backbone that really complements the Brett funkiness. For the Vin de Saison, historically it was made with Chenin blanc but we were given the opportunity to make use of Clairette Blanche, a new up and coming variety that the Mullineux’s had some great success with. It’s a lightly floral variety with lots of elegance and poise.” – Devil’s Peak Head Brewer, JC Steyn

First brewed in 2012, Vannie Hout was our initial foray into the world of barrel-aged beers. Drawing from the seasonal beers first brewed in the French-speaking region of Belgium some 300 years ago, this farmhouse ale was our attempt at capturing the fresh, effervescent characteristics of the Saison style with the added complexity and nuance that comes with time in previously filled French oak wine barrels. With the addition of Brettanomyces, a wild yeast that adds loads of depth and flavour, we were set to create something really special. The result was award-winning and earned this amazing brew a permanent home in our Afrofunk facility.

With this release, you’ll once again be able to experience a milestone in South African brewing that helped to open a wider world of craft beer to the country.

Vannie Hout: Delicate yellow fruits with some spiciness on the nose and a light bready character. Expect the ever-present Brett funk which will develop with aging. Vibrant palate with a low bitterness and a slightly tart finish.

Vin de Saison, the first beer and wine hybrid brewed in South Africa, is a collaboration between Devil’s Peak and Mullineux Family Wines. The initial vintages were made with the addition of 20% Chenin blanc grape must (juice).  Since 2016, however, we have combined our Saison base with a lesser-known favourite, Clairette Blanche.

The blends are aged in previously filled French oak wine barrels for 10-14 months and have garnered the acclaim of beer and wine drinkers since launching in 2015.

This year’s release is set to deliver the same world-class beer – a beautifully well-rounded palate highlighted by a fresh, grape-derived acidity and barrel-aged complexity. This modern classic is a must-have.

Vin de Saison: Complex aromas of pear and citrus rind with an unmistakable wine-like character. Soft and velvety on the palate with a distinct wine derived acidity and biscuity aftertaste.

The first in a series of releases from Afrofunk, expect to see many new and exciting beers in the months to come.

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