Kobus Uys

Meet Kobus Uys, the newest addition to the Devil’s Peak Lite ambassador family. If you were ever to ask Kobus for the time, he would look down at the myriad of flashing lights on his sports tracker, announce the sun’s location relative to the rotation of the earth and end with a resounding, “. . . and I’d rather be on the mountain!” Every. Single. Time. That’s what happens when your spirit animal is a wild dog – it’s in the blood. Trail running, hiking, you name it – if it involves the outdoors, he’s in.

A chemical engineer by trade, Kobus works as hard as he plays, and there are few things better than an ice-cold DP Lite and some sunshine after a hard run.

Welcome to Team DP Lite!


“Devil’s Peak Lite is the perfect beer for cooling down after a long day in the sun and enjoying myself with friends. And with such low calories, I don’t have to worry about it impacting my training!”