Meet Seth Hulley – a new addition to the Devil’s Peak ambassador family. There’s a good chance Seth was winning surfing titles while you were still trying to figure out how to get into a wetsuit. He’s been ripping up the scene since ’92 and holds two wins at the esteemed Billabong Pro at Jeffrey’s Bay. When he’s not carving waves with mates, you can find him passing along his skill and knowledge to eager students at “Seth’s Surf School” in Cape Town.

Welcome to Team DP Lite, Seth!  


“While I’m no longer a professional athlete, it’s important for me to keep my fitness and weight in check. Once you start packing on the kilos, your surfing slows down and that magic spark tends to fade. Nobody wants that. What’s great about DP Lite is it’s an amazing tasting beer and it’s low in calories – the perfect combination!”