This is Kyle Herring – the newest addition to the Devil’s Peak Lite ambassador family. When he’s not slinging code as a Junior Web Developer at Openbox Software, you’ll find him skilfully tearing down mountain paths as an Ultra Trail runner. Spotted a tiny dot winding its way across the side of the mountain – effortless bounding over boulders and through thick brush? Or perhaps a flash of determination and speed at the Jonkershoek Nature reserve? That’s not a springbok, friend. That’s Kyle. And what better way to celebrate a job well done than some post run beers? It’s the perfect refreshment with none of the guilt.

Welcome to Team DP Lite, Kyle!


“DP Lite is awesome because it gives you all the goodness of a regular beer without the performance stomping calories. After a long run, there’s simply nothing better. Light, easy drinking, and refreshing, it’s my number one pick – always!”