Regional Field Sales Manager

Region: Johannesburg

Reporting to: Inland Sales Manager

Devil’s Peak, based in Cape Town, is an industry leader in the fast growing Craft Beer industry, consistently delivering critically acclaimed, award winning beer. Our flagship Kings Blockhouse IPA is repeatedly selected as South Africa’s best ale.  The business is led by a group of entrepreneurs who together have an excellent track record in creating successful start-ups and leading some of the world’s biggest beverage brands.

This is a phenomenal opportunity for a smart and ambitious individual to get into an industry growing at over 100% per annum.  Accelerate your career as fast as you grow the regional presence and volume, while growing your team. This is just the tip of the iceberg as Devil’s Peak is building businesses in other alcoholic products, restaurants, and allied service offerings.

The working environment is fun and entrepreneurial. Our people are all passionate about our beer and vision and work extremely hard to always deliver excellence in both product and service. We are a company born out of a love for beer, and a dedication to service excellence. We have a vision of slowly educating the market that beer, like wine and whiskey, is a product that can be carefully crafted to deliver intricate and sophisticated taste. On top of that, it is refreshing and fun. This value of authenticity stays close to our hearts and pervades everything we do.

The Regional Field Sales Manager is tasked with new business in the region, as well as maintaining and growing existing relationships and accounts. Weekly Call Cycles will be established to maximise the time spent in the trade.

Competence Requirements

  • Post Matric Qualification in Sales/Marketing with a minimum of 5 yrs experience in Sales/Marketing in a FMCG beverage environment
  • Valid unendorsed Code 8 drivers licence
  • Good knowledge of PC and Microsoft office
  • Persuasiveness and selling ability.
  • Verbal ability and communication skills.
  • Sound interpersonal skills, creativity and ability to mix with other people.
  • Ability to manage self and region.
  • Strong achievement orientation.
  • Proactive and ability to take initiative
  • Beer knowledge and processes

Output and Accountabilities

  • Maximise sales volume and market share.
  • Implement and develop promotional activity to drive consistent pull in relation to the channel management process.
  • Achieve pre-determined sales/brands and market share targets.
  • Influence pricing with in segments
  • Maintain stock levels
  • Grow footprint of Devils Peak and its products in both Off and On consumption areas

Service outlets

  • Develop sound business relationships.
  • Maintain customer call rate and frequency
  • Conduct regular account reviews.
  • Provide merchandising support.
  • Handle Customer and Consumer complaints and queries.
  • Manage product quality in relation to our quality standards.
  • Manage sales administration.
  • Compile daily / weekly reports.
  • Determine pre-call planning objectives
  • Manage B.T.L. placements.
  • Develop sound customer relationships

Application details:

Applications window: 31 August to 15 September 2017

Hiring manager: Matt Schaal, GM Sales,

Application requirements: Full CV, Cover Letter, References